Before 1959s

1926 1

Toyo Rayon Co., Ltd. founded.

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4 Approval for construction of Shiga Plant obtained (April 16 is set as the foundation day of the company).
1927 4 Shiga Plant established.

First rayon yarn spinning (Shiga).

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1936 7

Toyo Kenshoku (now Ehime Plant) established.
1938 2

Seta Plant established.
1941 5

Succeeded in synthesis and melt spinning of nylon 6 fiber (Shiga).

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Aichi Plant established (absorption-type merger with Shonaigawa Rayon and other firms).
1944 3 Showa Industry Co., Ltd. (now Toray Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.) acquired.
1951 4 Nagoya Plant established.

Nylon technology licensing agreement concluded with E. I. DuPont de Nemours & Co. (DuPont, USA).

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1953 3 Marketing of AMILAN™ nylon resin began.
10 Toyo Nylon Knit Products (now Toray Textiles, Inc.) established.
1955 3 Company principle established.
7 Trilon Co., Ltd. (now Toray Industries (H.K.) Ltd.) established in Hong Kong.

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1956 4

Central Research Laboratories established (Shiga).

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1957 2

Polyester technology licensing agreement with Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. (ICI, of the U.K.).

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1958 3 Mishima Plant established.
Production of TETORON™ polyester fiber began.
8 Toyo Metallizing Co., Ltd. (now Toray Advanced Film Co., Ltd.) established.
1959 10 Production of LUMIRROR™ polyester film began.