AP-Growth TORAY 2020

From the outset, one of Toray Group's managerial principles has been that the purpose of a company is to contribute to society. In the process of charting its path through a number of troubled times, the Group has developed a Corporate Philosophy and long-term corporate vision that incorporate this principle and serve as vehicles to carry it forward.

The AP-G2000 long-term corporate vision was built around the keywords of "Growth," "Group Management" and "Globalization" in 1991. This roadmap was revised in 1997 and later became the model for the AP-New TORAY 21 long-term corporate vision developed in 2002 and APInnovation TORAY 21 the Group is currently implementing.

The AP-Innovation TORAY 21 long-term corporate vision was launched in April 2006. The vision declares Toray Group's intent to become "a global top company of advanced materials" by pursuing technological innovation based on chemistry under the corporate slogan "Innovation by Chemistry." It further states that, in addition to technological innovation, the Group strives for innovation in every aspect of its operations.

In the process of developing Project AP-G 2013, a new medium-term management program created to guide Toray Group back to a growth track after overcoming the recent economic crisis, Toray Group reviewed the basic concepts set forth in AP-Innovation TORAY 21 and revised the long-term corporate vision based on changes in the business environment and new prospects created by the implementation of AP-G 2013.

Under the new long-term corporate vision, AP-Growth TORAY 2020, which maintains the basic concepts set forth in AP-Innovation TORAY 21, Toray Group will enhance efforts to expand its businesses globally at a time when the economic scale of emerging countries is on track to exceed that of developed countries. The Group will also expand Green Innovation Businesses to contribute to solutions for today's increasingly critical global environmental issues, and energy and resource issues. With these strategies, it aims to efficiently seize business opportunities and become "a corporate group that continually increases revenues and profits." Through these efforts, Toray Group will play an active role in contributing to the development of society and exercising environmental stewardship, and remain a high-value corporate group for all stakeholders.

AP-Growth TORAY 2020 is a unified roadmap for management activities that will lead Toray Group to further growth and development with the realization of its Corporate Philosophy of "contributing to society through the creation of new value with innovative ideas, technologies and products" by applying "Innovation" to all of its corporate activities.

February 2011