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AP-Growth TORAY 2020

1. Advanced materials

A global top business group of advanced materials

Toray Group continuously undertakes challenges in the innovation and development of revolutionary new materials and technologies to maintain its position as a global top business group of advanced materials.

2. Green innovation

A business group that provides relevant solutions to global environmental issues

Toray Group contributes to the development of sustainable societies and grows through expansion of its Green Innovation Businesses, by continually developing advanced products and technologies that address global warming and reduce environmental impact.

3. Global expansion

A business group that expands globally through internal and external linkages

Toray Group bolsters internal cooperation among group companies throughout the world and strategic alliances with external parties, and proactively expands businesses in emerging countries to achieve continuous global expansion.

4. Technological innovation

A global top business group in technological innovation founded on chemistry

Toray Group is a global leader in technological innovation based on organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

5. Operational competency in every field (Genba-ryoku)

A business group that consistently meets customer expectations from a robust business footing built upon strong operational competency in every field

Toray Group intends to grow with customers by quickly meeting their demands and expectations as all employees act in a customer-focused manner, and through world-class product quality and cost competitiveness enabled by a robust business footing developed in a dynamic evolution that accomplishes successive reforms in all operational fields.

6. Vitality

A business group with a vital, open-minded corporate culture that takes on challenges with enthusiasm

Toray Group obtains and develops talent based on the principle that employees are its most valuable resource, and maintains an energetic and enthusiastic workforce of people who find value in work, develops their abilities, and embrace and overcome challenges.

7. Safety and environmental stewardship

A business group that regards safety, accident prevention and environmental preservation as priority issues and actively carries out its role as an environmental steward

Toray Group regards safety, accident prevention and environmental preservation as priority issues and ensures the safety and health of employees, customers, and local communities while actively carrying out its role as an environmental steward.

8. Corporate social responsibility

A business group with full respect for CSR that carries out its social responsibilities and actively contributes to society

Toray Group maintains a strong awareness of the importance of social responsibilities including sound corporate governance, transparency in management, corporate ethics and legal compliance, and actively plays its role in contributing to society by adhering to these principles in all corporate functions.