Long-term Business Prospects (Business Categories and Strategies)

AP-Growth TORAY 2020

Toray Group will implement strategies corresponding to the business categories outlined below. Additionally, as an issue shared across business groups, the Group will expand its advanced materials business and ones that contribute to the resolution of global environmental issues and resources and energy issues (Green Innovation Businesses), with a focus on the four major growing fields: environment, water-related and energy; information, telecommunications and electronics; automobiles and aircraft; and life science.Toray Group previously characterized "Foundation Businesses," consisting of Fibers & Textiles and Plastics & Chemicals businesses, as a steady source of revenue, but has now redefined their role as drivers of steady business growth. Further, the term "Strategically Developing Businesses" will be renamed "Intensively Developing and Expanding Businesses" to better describe the Group's intention to expand these businesses while intensively developing them.

1. Foundation Businesses
(Fibers & Textiles, Plastics & Chemicals)

Actively expand businesses and increase revenues and profits with a focus on growth regions and business fields to support steady business expansion of the whole group.

2. Strategically Expanding Businesses
(IT-related Products, Carbon Fiber Composite Materials)

Achieve strategic and aggressive business expansion and establish as drivers of revenue and profit growth over the medium and long term through implementation of policies including focused allocation of management resources and M&A and business alliances as well as by strengthening footholds in growth business fields including IT-related products, automobiles and aircraft, and new energy sources

3. Intensively Developing and Expanding Businesses
(Life Science, Environment & Engineering)

Develop these businesses as the next drivers of revenue and profit growth following IT-related products and carbon fiber composite materials, through priority allocation of management resources as well as M&A and business alliances.

Business Categories Basic Strategies Divisions Business Segments
Foundation Businesses Bolster the toundation for revenue and profit through steady growth Fibers & Textiles Fibers & Textiles
Resins & Chemicals Plastics & Chemicals
Strategically Expanding Businesses Aggressively expand as drivers of revenue and profit growth Films IT-related Products
Electronic & Information Materials
Torayca & Advanced Composites Carbon Fiber Composite Materials
Intensively Developing and Expanding Businesses Develop as the next drivers of revenue and profit growth Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products LifeScience
Water Treatment & Environment Environment & Engineering