Business Prospects for Toray Group around 2020

AP-Growth TORAY 2020

To evolve into a corporation that continually increases revenues and profits, Toray Group will implement business structure reforms based on the strategy described below.

1. Expansion of business revenue and profit

While steadily expanding revenues and profits through Foundation Businesses, Toray Group will bolster the earnings of Strategically Expanding Businesses through focused allocation of management resources to make them the drivers of revenue and profit growth for the Group. It will develop and expand Intensively Developing and Expanding Businesses as the next drivers of revenue and profit growth.

2. Global business expansion (busin..ess expansion in growth regions)

To make the most of global business opportunities in growth countries and regions for the growth of Toray Group, the Group will pursue growth in global markets in every business segment. The Group will aim to expand the net sales ratio of growth countries and regions from 34% to 50%.

3. Expansion of Green Innovation Businesses (business expansion in growth business fields)

Toray Group will expand net sales from Green Innovation Businesses to 1 trillion yen around 2020 by promoting the development of products and technologies that will provide increasingly desired solutions to global environmental issues, and energy and resource issues.

Key performance indicators (outlook)

Unit: billion yen
  Around 2020
Net sales 3,000
Foundation Businesses

Strategically Expanding Businesses,
Intensively Developing and Expanding Businesses
1,500 (50%)

1,500 (50%)

Japan, Europe, North America
Growth countries and regions
1,500 (50%)
1,500 (50%)
Green Innovation Businesses 1,000
Operating income 300
Operating income to net sales ratio 10%
ROA 10%
ROE 13%