A Message from our Representative for Europe

Welcome to the Toray Europe website.

Since the first employees were dispatched to Hamburg in 1957, we have been expanding our business from Europe to neighboring countries including Russia and Turkey, as well as into the Middle East and Africa. As of 2017, we have 29 group companies spread across 14 countries. Our business is diverse, ranging from fibers and textiles to plastic film, carbon fiber and composites, imaging materials, water treatment membranes, and fuel cells.

The corporate philosophy of the Toray Group is "contributing to society through the creation of new value". Based on the firm belief that "as the foundation of products, materials have the power to bring about fundamental transformations in society", we focus on research and technological development, and contribute to solving various social issues through the power of chemistry, under the slogan "Innovation by Chemistry". In addition, the promotion of CSR is one of our top management priorities. This includes safety, disaster prevention and environmental protection, as well as corporate ethics and legal compliance. We are committed to being a company that fulfills its social responsibilities.

We will continue to enhance our presence in growth areas such as Green Innovation Businesses that contribute to resolving increasingly critical environmental, resource and energy issues, and Life Innovation Businesses that help to improve the quality of medical care while reducing the burden on health care staff and increasing wellbeing and longevity. Toray Group in Europe is also working strategically to expand its business in the growth countries and regions it covers.

Although the global economy is forecast to continue its gradual recovery, each country and region has a mixture of risks and growth opportunities, depending on the local circumstances and political situation. With a long-term perspective and a keen understanding of the current situation, while minimizing risk, we aim to grow by creating pioneering products and businesses, based on the technologies we have accumulated and the results of our advanced research.

I sincerely hope that you will find our website useful, and that it will deepen your understanding of the Toray Group.

Takashi Kato
Toray Representative for Europe
Toray Industries, Inc.