TORAYCA® Carbon fiber reinforced thermo plastics

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TORAYCA® , is a thermoplastic carbon fiber reinforced resin containing cutting edge carbon fiber. It is light weight and features excellent strength, stiffness, dimensional accuracy, and sliding properties.

A number of base resins suited for various applications are available (PP PC , ABS , Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Nylon 610, PBT, and PPS resins).


Phisical property

Carbon fiber-reinforced resins offer excellent mechanical strength/rigidity and maintain a combination of characteristics.

  • Lower specific gravity and lightweight
  • High creep resistance and fatigue resistance
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and sliding properties
  • Low molding shrinkage and coefficient of linear expansion, ensuring high dimensional accuracy
  • Excellent electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding performance

Pellet type

We have 2 types of TORAYCA® pellets, the fiber length of which are different. A long fiber pellets are excellent in tensile strength and impact properties to compare to a short fiber pellet.

Long fiber / Short fiber

Remarks for Handling

Safety precaution

  1. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product before us.
  2. Volatile gases which may imitate eyes, nose and throat may be released. Use adequeate local exhaust ventilation during drying and molding
  3. Sweep up and dispose of spilled resin to eliminate slipping hazard.
  4. Don't pile up bags too high in order to avoid inquiry caused by falling of the product.
  5. Scrap or waste of this product must not be incinerated. If incinerated, product may cause furnace problems or emit fibrous fragments into the air, which may cause electrical problems. The scrap or waste of this product must be landfilled.