List of grade

Type Type/Feature Feature Grade
GF reinforced
GF reinforced   GF30%, High flow A503-F1 A503-F1
  GF30%, Standard A503-X05 A503-X05
  GF40%, Standard A504X90 A504X90
  GF40%、LLC resistance A504CX1 A504CX1
  GF40%, Low flash A504X95 A504X95
  GF40%, High flow, Low flash A504FG1 A504FG1
  GF40%, Low impurity, Toughness A604 A604
  GF40%, Toughness, LLC resistance A604CX1 A604CX1
  GF40%、Low chlorine A604-L02 A604-L02
  GF40%, Low flash, High flow A604-X95 A604-X95
  GF40%、UL746C(f1) AR04 AR04
GF reinforced, Elastomer improvement
GF reinforced, Elastomer improvement   GF30%, High toughness A673M A673M
  GF30%, High toughness, Moist-heat resistance A673M-T A673M-T
  GF40%, High toughness A674M2 A674M2
GF+Mineral filler reinforced
GF+Mineral filler reinforced   High filler, Standard A310MX04 A310MX04
  High filler, Low warpage A310M A310M
  High filler, High strength, High flow A305MD1 A305MD1
  CTI rank 2 A310E A310E
  High filler, Dimentional stability, Low flash A390M65 A390M65
  High filler, High flow A400MX01 A400MX01
  High filler, High strength A400M-X05 A400M-X05
  High filler, High stiffness, High toughness A400M-D1 A400M-D1
  High filler, Low swelling at fuels, Low permeation to fuels A410MX07 A410MX07
  High filler, UL746(f1) AR10M AR10M
  High filler, High flow, Low flash A610MG1 A610MG1
  High filler, High toughness A610M-X03 A610M-X03
  High filler, Low chlorine A625H-L01 A625H-L01
GF+Mineral filler reinforced・Elastomer improvement
GF+Mineral filler reinforced・Elastomer improvement   High strength, Low outgas A470MX01 A470MX01
  Heat-cycling resistance A470MS01 A470MS01
  Heat-cycling resistance, Good epoxy adhesion A495M-A2 A495M-A2
  Heat-cycling resistance, Low warpage, High flow A575W20 A575W20
  Heat-cycling resistance, High weld strength A675GS1 A675GS1
Special purpose
Special purpose   Low wear and friction (PTFE+GF30%) A515 A515
  Laser weldability A602LX01 A602LX01
  CTI rank 0 A660EX A660EX
  Good appearance, High strength A610MX46 A610MX46
  Good mirror surface A680M A680M
  Antistatic A756MX02 A756MX02
  Electrical conductivity, High thermal conductivity H501 H501
  Insulating properties, High thermal conductivity H718L H718L
  Blow moldability B671MX01 B671MX01
Unreinforced   Unreinforced, Elastomer improvement A670T05 A670T05
  Unreinforced, Elastomer improvement A670R63 A670R63
  Unreinforced, Elastomer improvement A670MT1 A670MT1
  Unreinforced, Elastomer improvement A670X01 A670X01
  Unreinforced, Standard A900 A900
Carbon fiber reinforced
Carbon fiber reinforced   CF10%, Flame retardant A630T-10V A630T-10V
  CF30%, Flame retardant A630T-30V A630T-30V
  CF10%, Low Wear and Friction, Flame retardant A512-X02N3 A512-X02N3