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Toray ABS Resin TOYOLAC® is a highly versatile thermoplastic consisting of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene and it has unique set of properties combining "strength," "lightness," and "aesthetics."

TOYOLAC® is widely used in both industrial and household goods due to its unique set of properties combining "strength," "lightness" and "aesthetics" as well as its excellent mechanical, chemical, electrical properties, and superior processability.
Resin is available not only in the form of general-purpose grades that are highly cost-competitive, but also in the form of high-performance grades such as alloys with in-house engineering plastics, transparent and antistatic grades, and carbon fiber reinforced grades.
Currently, TOYOLAC® represents the best ABS resin available for new projects, new designs, and new applications.

Featured grade

Transparent ABS resin TOYOLAC®950 ME1, 950 ME2 for Medical application


Grade Development and Production Know-How Backed by Tradition

A business tradition extending uninterrupted since 1964.

The Only Japanese Company Involved in Overseas ABS Polymerization and Production

TPM (Toray Plastics Malaysia) was established in Penang, Malaysia in 1991. Common-grades are currently produced and supplied both, inside and outside Japan.

Global Operations System

Supply and selection of grades that fit the needs of customers' domestic and foreign production bases are available in a wide number of regions across the globe.

A Comprehensive ABS Resin Maker Offering both General-Purpose and High-Performance Products

Development actively targets not only general-purpose grade materials that are highly cost-competitive but also high-performance grades such as alloys with in-house engineering plastics, transparent and antistatic grades, and carbon fiber reinforced grades.

Remarks for Handling

  1. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for TOYOLAC® and TOYOLACPAREL* before use.
  2. When pre-drying and molding TOYORAC* and TOYOLACPAREL*, small amount of hazardous gases which may irritate eyes, nose and throat may be released. Use adequate local exhaust ventilation during drying and molding.
  3. Dispose contents and container in accordance with local/ regional/ national/ international regulation.
  4. Keep away from direct sunlight, water leak, moisture and sources of heat and ignition.
  5. TOYOLAC® and TOYOLACPAREL* are flammable products. Please handle and stock the products apart from heat and the ignition source. For fire extinguishing, use water, fire foam or powdery fire extinguishing agents.
  6. Do not use for internal implantation.
  7. If considering to use for medical purpose, food or drink container, or toys for children, please consult us in advance about the specific usage.
  8. The information provided herein has been prepared in good faith, but we provide no warranty whatsoever for any of the statements made.
  9. The content has been prepared based on the documents and information/data available at the present time. It is subject to change without notice to reflect any new information that may become available.
  10. Use of any recycled material in the process is limited to a blending ratio of 25 percent or less by weight if UL746D is applied. Some materials of certain grades have been registered as fit for blending by 25 percent by weight or more.