Toray's Green Innovation

New Energies

Renewable energies like wind power and solar power can be employed sustainably without becoming depleted. Furthermore, they are very clean sources of energy because practically no CO2 is emitted during power generation.
CFRP is used to make turbine blades for wind power generation facilities and CNG tanks* lighter, and Toray's polyester film is used as a material for solar panel backsheets . Toray Group materials and technologies are widely utilized in new energy fields.
We bring together the capabilities of the entire Toray Group, and work to develop a broad range of battery materials, including battery separators for lithium-ion batteries and fuel cell electrolyte film.
* CNG : Compressed Natural Gas

  • Wind power generation
  • CNG tanks
  • Organic semiconductor for flexible solar cells
  • Solar panel backsheet
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Fuel cells
  • Solar panel

Toray's carbon fiber materials are used in Toyota's "MIRAI" fuel cell vehicle.

Toray's Technologies