Toray's Green Innovation

Realizing a Sustainable Society

The global environmental problems we face – including global warming, increasing CO2 concentration, water shortages due to increasing population, and resource depletion – are growing ever more serious.
Against that backdrop, Toray has stated its commitment to management focused on the global environment, and we are strongly promoting projects to expand our green innovation business. By using innovative weight-reducing materials and energy-saving processes, we reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and by integrating different technologies we further advance preceding R&D on non-petrochemical materials. In these and many other ways, we contribute to the solution of resource and energy problems as well as global environmental problems through green innovation.
Engaged in very achievable initiatives to make possible both a reduction in environmental impact and sustainable growth, the Toray Group is promoting LCM environmental management as based on "life cycle management" (LCM). In order to efficiently act on LCM, we have introduced "life cycle assessment" (LCA) to implement activities that will spread LCM and make it an established practice.

Strengthen R&D in green innovation-related themes

We contribute to the development of a sustainable, re- cycling-oriented society by continuously developing advanced products and technologies.

Toray's Technologies

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