Milestones in Toray R&D

Since its founding in 1926, Toray has kept expanding through business development in wide-range of areas. Starting from rayon filament production, Toray has developed various products such as polyester, nylon and acrylic fibers as well as high-performance films, engineering plastic resins, carbon fiber composite materials, electronics and information related products, high-performance membranes, pharmaceuticals and medical products.

2004 -
2014 Developed TORAYCA®T1100G, a high tensile strength and modulus carbon fiber
2011 Established E&E Center (Environment & Energy Center) in Seta
Developed innovative manufacturing technology for nanofibers
Established Toray Advanced Materials Research Laboratories (China)Co., Ltd. (TARC)
2010 Established Advanced Materials Research Laboratories (Shiga)
2009 Started production of REMITCH®, an oral medication to relieve itching
* REMITCH® is a registered trademark of TORII PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD.
Established A&A Center (Automotive & Aircraft Center) in Nagoya
2007 Developed PICASUS® metallic luster-forming film
Obtained approval of CARELOAD® as a treatment for pulmonary hypertension, and commenced sales
Developed TORAYFIL® PVDF hollow fiber UF membrane
2006 Developed FORESSE® cellulose-based fiber which employing the melt spinning method
Developed DNA chip 3D-Gene®
2005 Developed NANOALLOY® nano-order polymer structure control technology
Started production of INTERDOG®, a pharmaceutical for animals
1969 to 2003
2003 Established New Frontiers Research Laboratories in Kamakura
2002 Established Toray Fibers & Textiles Research Laboratories (China) Co.,Ltd. (TFRC)
Started production of 3GT fiber
2001 Started production of ECSAINE PRIMA® high-quality man-made suede
Started production of color filters for cellular telephone LCDs
Started production of LUMIRROR® high-performance film
2000 Developed PHOTONEECE® positive photo-sensitive, heat-resistant,polyimide coating material
Started production of PDP rear panel
1999 Established Chemicals Research Laboratories
Renamed Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories from Basic Research Laboratories
Added effect of DORNER® for pulmonary hypertension
Started production of TORAY CTP WATERLESS PLATE
1998 Started production of polyacetal resin
1997 Started production of SIVERAS® liquid crystal polyester resin
Started production of QUUP® highly moisture-absorptive nylon filament
Started production of carbon fiber reinforced material for large-scale roof components
1996 Started production of DVC polyester film
Started production of carbon fiber reinforced notebook PC chassis with superior electro-magnetic wave shielding properties
1995 Started production of MICTRON® aramid film
1994 Started production of TORAYMYXIN® blood purification column for treating septicemia
1993 Started production of TOPTICAL® color filters for LCDs
Started production of electrophotographic printers
Started production of INTERCAT®, antiviral formulation of interferon for treating calicivirus infections in cats
1992 FERON® approved by MHW as treatment for hepatitis C
Started production of DORNER® for use in treatment of peripheral vascular disease
Started production of TORAYCA® carbon fiber prepreg P-2302 for use as primary structural material in commercial aircraft
Developed applications for new LUMIRROR® surface-forming technologies(TOP・PTL)
1991 Renamed Research & Development Division from Research Division
Established Global Environment Research Laboratory in Shiga
1990 Established Composite Materials Research Laboratories
Started production of TORAYROM® rotary drum filter purifying equipment
1989 Started production of RAYTELA® plastic optical fiber
Started production of shingosen SILLOOK ROYAL®S
1988 Started production of TORELINA® PPS film
Started production of TORAYVINO® high-technology household water purifier
Started production of Inoue-Balloon Catheter for use in treatment of mitral stenosis
1987 Established Electronic & Imaging Materials Research Laboratories
Started production of TORAYSEE® high-performance multipurpose cleaning cloth
1985 Started production of polyimide coatings for electronics
Started production of FERON® natural human interferon-β
Established Technology Center in Shiga
1984 Started production of TORAYCERAM® high-performance zirconia
1983 Started production of ANTHRON® antithrombogenic catheter
Completed TECHNORAMA weather simulation laboratory
1982 Started production of film carrier tape and copper-clad polyimide film
1981 Started production of BREATH•O® soft contact lens
Started production of ROMEMBRA® reverse osmosis membrane
1979 Started production of TORAY WATERLESS PLATE® waterless planographic printing plate
1977 Started production of TORELIEF® photo-polymer printing plate
Started production of FILTRYZER® artificial kidney
1975 Started production of PBT resin
1971 Started production of TORAYCA® carbon fiber
1970 Started production of ECSAINE® man-made suede
1969 Established Fibers & Textiles Research Laboratories
1927 to 1968
1968 Started production of TORAYPEF® polyolefin foamed sheet
1966 Started production of PROMILAN® nylon 66 fiber
1964 Started production of TORAYLON® acrylic fiber
Started production of SILLOOK® silk-like polyester filament
1963 Established Films and Film Products Research Laboratories
Started production of TORAYFAN® polypropylene film
1962 Established Basic Research Laboratories in Kamakura
Started production of Caprolactam (Photo-Nitrosation of Cyclohexane method)
1959 Started production of LUMIRROR® polyester film
1958 Completed Mishima Plant and started production of TETORON® polyester fiber
1957 Concluded licensing agreement for polyester fiber and related production with Imperial Chemical Industries PLC
1956 Established Central Research Laboratories in Shiga
1951 Concluded licensing agreement for nylon production with E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co.
1941 Became first in Japan to develop original method for synthesizing and spinning nylon 6
1927 Completed Shiga Plant and started production of rayon fiber

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