Toray's Life Innovation

Improving Society
Through Life Innovation

Coping with increasing medical costs and aging societies are becoming more important than ever as global issues. In developed countries, where aging societies are already advanced, there is a need to review healthcare systems and policies, and take measures to mitigate the burden on healthcare providers. In emerging and developing countries, healthcare is improving as incomes rise. While confronting various issues, the world's medical device market is continuously growing.

Growth of Health Expenditures
in Countries & Regions

Global Market for Medical Devices

Toray-Style Life Innovation

Toray has long years of experience in pharmaceutical and medical businesses, and possess advanced materials which are Toray's forte. To achieve "Toray-Style Life Innovation" which makes the most of these advantages, we are promoting research and technology development by maximally exploiting the state-of-the-art materials, core/basic technologies, and business infrastructure of the Toray Group.

Approach for Promoting Life Innovation

A new department, Life Innovation Business Strategic Planning Dept. (LI Planning Dept.) was established in April 2014. This department will serve as the hub in developing new technologies and new products in close collaboration with the Technology Center and various divisions.

Active use of life innovation facilities

Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster
Signing Ceremony at Medical Devices Center, University of Minnesota, USA in October 2013

Toray opened new Life Innovation-related facilities in Minnesota (USA) and at the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster, and these are being used to accelerate development of medical devices.

Toray's Technologies