Toray International Europe GmbH (TIEU)

Toray International Europe GmbH (TIEU)

Main Business

Trading activities


Toray International Europe GmbH (TIEU) is Toray Group’s trading company in Germany, with an eye on marketing products and services to the European and East European market.

Our Business:
Fibers & Textiles
Plastics & Chemicals
Information Related Materials
Carbon Fiber Composite
Environment & Engineering
Bio Sciences & Other 

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Head Office

Hugenottenallee 175, 63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany
Tel: (49) 6102-79990
Fax: (49) 6102-7999291

Moscow Representative Office

121059, Russia, Moscow, Bryanskaya str. 5, floor 7, premises I room 4
Tel: (7) 495-799-5602
Fax: (7) 495-799-9704