1957 The first expat was dispatched to Hamburg.
1966 Toray Industries Inc. Hamburg Office was established as the first representative office in Europe.
(Toray Industries Inc. Europe Office (TEU) replaced Toray Industries Inc. Hamburg Office in 1970)
1971 Location of TEU moved from Hamburg to London and TEU opened its satellite office in Hamburg.
(TEU Hamburg office was closed in 1987)
1974 Iganto S.p.A was formed in Italy.
(Alcantara S.p.A replaced Iganto S.p.A in 1981.)
1980 Toray Europe Ltd. (TEL) was formed in UK.
1982 Societe des Fibres de Carbone S.A. (SOFICAR) was formed in France.
(Toray Carbon Fibers Europe S.A. (CFE) replaced SOFICAR in 2012.)
1984 TEL opened its Milan Office.
(TEL Milan Office became an incorporated local company in 1990 and the current name is Toray International Italy S.r.l (TIIT).)
1985 Toray Deutschland GmbH (TDG) was formed in Germany.
(Toray International Europe GmbH (TIEU) replaced TDG in 2008.)
1989 Toray acquired Samuel Courtauld & Co. from Courtaulds PLC. and established Toray Textiles Europe Ltd. (TTEL) in UK.
1996 Toray acquired Rhone-Poulenc Films S.A. and established Toray Plastics Europe S.A. (TPEU) in France.
(TPEU was liquidated in 2012)
1997 Toray Textiles Central Europe s.r.o (TTCE) was formed in Czech.
2008 Toray Films Europe S.A.S. (TFE) was formed in France and the existing business of TPEU was transferred to TFE.
2011 A joint venture, Euro Advanced Carbon Fiber Composites GmbH (EACC), with Daimler was formed in Germany.
(EACC became 100% subsidiary of Toray in 2016.)
2012 Toray International, Inc. opened its Liaison office in Turkey.
2013 Production of IMPRIMA™, waterless offset plates, started at TTCE in Czech.
2014 Location of TEU moved from London to Frankfurt.
(TEU was reformed as an incorporated local company in 2015)
2015 Toray acquired European carbon fiber fabric and Prepreg business from Saati S.p.A. Then, Composite Materials (Italy) S.r.l. (CIT) was established in Italy.
Toray Resins Europe GmbH was formed in Germany.
Toray acquired SolviCore GmbH & Co. KG from Umicore S.A. and Solvay S.A.. Then, Greenerity GmbH was established in Germany.
Delta Tech S.p.A and Delta Preg S.p.A in Italy became Toray's subsidiaries. 
2018 PPS Compounding production started at Zoltek in Hungary.
Toray acquired TenCate Advanced Composites Holding B.V. from Koninklijke Ten Cate B.V. and established Toray TenCate Advanced Composites Holding B.V. in Netherland.
Toray opens a new R&D Base, Automotive Center Europe (AMCEU) in Germany. (in August)
2019 Toray to Establish New Battery Separator Film (BSF) Production Facility in Toray Industries Hungary Kft. (THU), which was established in April 2018, Toray acquired Alva Sweden AB (ASE) and its two subsidiaries, Alva Confecções S.A. of Portugal(APT) and Alva Tunisia SA of Tunisia (ATN) (these three entities are hereafter collectively referred to as “Alva”).
2021 Toray announced establishment of a joint venture with LG Chem, Ltd., and the name of new company is “LG Toray Hungary Battery Separator Kft. (LTHS)”