Zoltek Zrt. (Zoltek HU)

Zoltek Zrt. (Zoltek HU)

Main Business

Zoltek roduces PAN based 50K carbon fiber that is low-cost, high performance


Our objective as a company is to lead the commercialization of carbon fiber as a primary composite building material.
ZOLTEK has become the worldwide leader in rated capacity for producing carbon fiber by making low-cost, high performance carbon fiber through a proprietary continuous carbonization process.
Zoltek Zrt. in Hungary was established in 1940, and started the production of viscose rayon in 1943 and acrylic fiber in 1973. The company was state owned between 1947 and 1995.
In 1995 the company was sold to ZOLTEK Co. and this marks the beginning of carbon fiber production in Hungary. Zoltek’s headquarter is in St. Louis, MO and has production facilities in St. Louis, in Abilene, TX and in Guadalajara, Mexico. Zoltek has representative offices around the world.
Since February, 2014 Zoltek is a member of the Toray group

Head Office

Varga Jozsef ter 1 Nyergesujfalu, Hungary 2537
Tel: (36) 33-536-000
Fax: (36) 33-536-150
Web: http://zoltek.com/