Toray Industries Hungary Kft. (THU)

Main Business

Manufacture of plastics


Toray Industries Hungary Kft. (THU) was established in April 2018 as 100% subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc. (Toray) to look for new business opportunities in Europe region and one of their target business is production of Battery Separator Film which is used for Lithium Ion Batteries(LIB). LIB is widely used for Electric Vehicles (EV) and the demand of EV/LIB/BSF are now growing on global basis and Toray is looking for new manufacturing site of BSF.

The current manufacturing sites where the Group produces battery separator film are located in Japan (Toray Industries, Inc.) and Korea (Toray Battery Separator Film Korea Limited and Toray BSF Coating Korea Limited).

Head Office & factory

Toray utca 1., 2536 Nyerges伃ochjfalu, Hungary

Budapest Office

1054 Budapest, Kálmán Imre u. 1, 7em., Hungary
Tel: (36) 1-475-1451